The Syracuse Silver Knight Foundation aims to engage kids in all aspects of the multifaceted and beneficial world of sports. We aspire to find young people blocked from participation and help them become involved in whatever way their unique desires and abilities allow.


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Self Reliance

There is more freedom at camp, therefore players learn personal independence. Each player needs initiative to complete tasks that are assigned.  Although there are coaches present, campers have opportunities to work in groups by themselves.




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Communication is learned through the Knights' Code and participation at camp.  The Knights' Code teaches how to express feelings and thoughts in a healthy manner.  At camp kids learn how to speak with both coaches and teammates through the acquisition of new skills.





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Kids learn about teamwork and sportsmanship through the Knights Code, participating in camps and watching games.  The Knights' Code addresses these traits through visual activities.  While at camp kids learn how to work on a team.  At games the professional athletes demonstrate teamwork and sportsmanship while playing.



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Anti-bullying is taught through the Knights' Code and at camp.  The Knights' Code teaches inclusion not exclusion.  At camp, all kids get an opportunity to play, whatever their skill level may be.  It's a competitive yet encouraging environment for all.





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Leadership is demonstrated at Silver Knights games through the players examples.  Players are expected to be leaders both on and off the field, making them strong role models.  At camp the younger kids look up to the more experienced players for guidance and encouragement.