Whether it's raising money for kids to participate in athletic camps, developing sports-related programs like video, photography, or sports journalism, or holding conferences aimed at elevating inclusion in our community, the Silver Knight Foundation is dedicated to utilizing our unique standing in the world of sports for the enhancement of the lives of our youth.  Participation in sports can happen on or off the field; but no matter how our kids participate, they're sure to have a positive experience, gain valuable skills, and ultimately make an important contribution to society.  Sports is a world of growth, competition, fulfillment, inspiration and achievement.  We're here to provide all that and more to the many kids who need a helping hand.



Silver Knight soccer camps and many other camps operated by numerous other organizations around Central New York are not solely focused on athletic ability.

Campers learn the importance of sportsmanship and experience teamwork

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through the leadership of sports professionals.  All this is done while improving personal fitness and having fun.



Syracuse Silver Knights Games

Providing tickets to games allows kids the opportunity to see the highest level of kids, soccer, game, knights, our impactprofessional indoor soccer while experiencing a live event.  During the games the kids are invited to go on the field and experience what it would be like to play there one day.  After the game they have the opportunity to meet with the professional athletes.  This provides them with an increased understanding of the value of education, as well as the importance of diversity as many players are from other countries.


Knights' Code

Established by the MISL team this program allows players to travel to different schools

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in the area to teach valuable life lessons.  The Knights' Code is focused on raising kids' awareness of the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and anti-bullying.  Participants learn how to be better friends and better citizens in the future in a hands-on and enjoyable manner.