Soccer Clinics at the Boys & Girls Club

In the spring of 2016, the Silver Knight Foundation put on a free 10-week-long soccer clinic for a group of 60 children at the Boys and Girls Club Central Village located on Syracuse's South side. Four players from the Syracuse Silver Knights, including Jer Jer Gibson, Andrew Coughlin, Vittorio Petrera, Slavisa Ubiparipovic, and SSKF staffer Hobie Ramin, volunteered their time to coach an awesome group of kids for two hours every Thursday night from 4:00-6:00pm. The kid's and their coach's had a blast while learning the essential foot skills of soccer, teamwork, and respect for all.

boysand girls club

Helping Hopeprint

The Silver Knight Foundation works with Hopeprint to bring soccer to under-served refugee children in Syracuse's North side. Over the course of eight weeks each summer, more than fifty kids receive an orange Silver Knight Foundation soccer ball and top-flight coaching from the Syracuse Silver Knight's staff.  The Northside U-Knighted program has been a major success; every year we look forward to working closely with Hopeprint's tremendously giving staff to enhance the lives of boys and girls who greatly enjoy a hugely positive, organized soccer environment we produce for them.


English as a Second Language (ESL) Tutoring Program for Teens and Adults

Starting in the spring of 2016, our foundation began working with teen and Adult immigrants on the North Side of Syracuse. We reached out to our long-term partners and good friends in the neighborhood, Yeshua Restoration Ministry to see if we could lend a hand and some resources to help with their tutoring program. Along with Yeshua, our board identified a need for extra tutors to help teen and adult immigrants in the neighborhood who were struggling day to day with the English language. Our foundation aptly found and employed four of the best ESL teachers in the Syracuse area to help. Our tutors worked with two adults , one woman who was studying to take her citizenship test and one man who needed to learn more English vocabulary to gain employment as a construction worker.  They also worked  to help a group of ten teens who were struggling in school.  All parties involved found this program to be effective and worthwhile and with additional funding from grants and fundraising, we plan to continue and expand our ESL program in the coming year.


Giving Kids the Game Day Experience

The Silver Knight Foundation has sent over a hundred kids to Silver Knight professional indoor soccer games for free! We love to share the unique and exciting experience of a Syracuse Silver Knight's professional soccer game with kids in the local community, especially ones that may have not otherwise had the chance to go to a professional sporting event. We bring in exemplary students from high schools and elementary schools in the Syracuse area, and we also work with organizations like Elmcrest to reward good behavior by sponsoring kids to have Silver Knights game day experience.

Silver Knight Soccer Camps

Along with providing kids with game day experiences, we also like to send kids to our top of the line Syracuse Silver Knight soccer camps held all around Central New York. Each year our foundation sponsors kids to participate in summer and winter soccer camps for free. At these camps, kids learn the fundamentals of soccer along with teamwork, respent and a poignantly personalized anti-bullying message from our very own Syracuse Silver Knight professional soccer players.

Joint Fundraisers and Donations From the Silver Knight Foundation

In the past, the Silver Knight Foundation has been involved with fundraisers for organizations such as the Baldwinsville Theater Guild and  Syracuse First. We have also donated to many local charities and causes such as Hope for Heather, Maureen's Hope, and Yeshua Restoration Ministry.  If you are a local charity or foundation looking for help in any way, please reach out to us!