Our Mission:

Established in 2013 as the charitable arm of the Syracuse Silver Knights professional indoor soccer team, the Syracuse Silver Knight Foundation (“SSKF”), serves the Central New York community by creating athletic and creative educational youth programs, that strive to enrich the lives of children and provide opportunities which motivate them to live up to their potential, and help to guide them towards a positive, well-rounded future. As of June, 2018 the Foundation is no longer with the Silver Knights soccer team as they have changed management and rebranded as Utica City FC moving home games to Utica, NY. The work of the Foundation continues in the Syracuse and Central NY community. 

Some kids excel on the athletic field but are blocked from participation in organized competitive sports by any number of obstacles.  Perhaps their families can't afford to send them to camps and clinics where they could begin to realize their full athletic potential and benefit from the discipline, self-reliance, and exposure to new concepts these programs can provide.  The Silver Knight Foundation is here to help clear a pathway to participation for those kids.

Still others love sports but don't excel athletically.  Well, there are many other pathways to participation in the exciting and inspiring modern world of sports.  We are developing programs to include all kids in sports - programs like video and photography, journalism, training and medical support, the business of sports, and the science of sports.  Do you know a youngster with a desire to set off on one of these fulfilling pathways?

Your involvement and generous financial support are essential to our success, and to the success of our youth.  Please help us find these kids and clear a pathway to participation for them.

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