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The Syracuse Silver Knight Foundation

Changing Kids' Lives One Goal at a Time




The Syracuse Silver Knight Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to opening pathways to participation in sports for youngsters in Central New York.

We believe every kid, despite their economic situation, lack of athletic ability, prior negative experiences, or any other obstacle in the way of participation in the multifaceted world of sports, should be given every chance to participate in whatever way their unique skills and abilities will allow.

Maybe they’re talented on the field but can’t afford a summer camp to help them hone their skills.  The Silver Knight Foundation is here to help with scholarships.

Perhaps they don’t compete well on the field, but they’re budding videographers and could make a valuable and fulfilling contribution that way.  We’re here to help them get involved via one of our many unique non-athletic sports-related programs.

We can all think of myriad ways to participate in sports – primarily in the field of action – but also in plenty of other important ways as well.  Think sports journalism, physical training and medical support, the science of sports, coaching, and so on.

The list goes on and on, and the Syracuse Silver Knight Foundation is here to help them find a way to participate and derive every benefit available through sports – self-reliance, teamwork, competition, strategy, discipline, and a host of other good and essential benefits for kids.  Won’t you help us clear the path?